color light, and vitality

Agneta Livijn never forget the first time she saw
Monte Carlo. The smells, the flavors, the colors. Mediterranean culture
went straight into her young soul. She has carried it
throughout life. Now you can see it in everything she creates: ceramics,art - and the decor.

She is one of the most successful potters and artists. She has exhibited out at Broadway Gallery in New York and
her classic collections of handmade cups, plates and saucers can be seen in both glossy magazines like the popular interior design shops such as Habitat, ROOM
and IKEA. For over 20 years, Agneta Livijn provided us with their beautiful creations, and now they spread like wildfire worldwide.
Her designs are light .Genuineness .Intense colors. Vitality.
When we visit her Östermalm Floor we understand that the power seems to be transmitted on everything she touches.

Before Agneta Livijn bought her floor 24 years ago, she was the haunt of a chaotic collective, shared refrigerator,
hideous, orange wallpaper and loft beds along all the walls.
But Agneta Livijn saw the potential, struck, and transformed.
Daylight pours in through the large, octagonal, mullioned windows when we enter , and spreads beautifully in
1880s floor with the help of the white-painted walls
and the generous ceiling height of 3.80 meters. The intense
colors help themselves. Across the floor hangs Livijn
works; great paintings fills the walls, cups and saucers stand
lighted in the kitchen cupboard, paint cans, brushes and canvas prints is on the floor in a corridor.

LIGHT WELL IN in the large living room . Here, in front of the fireplace in the Art Nouveau style, is Agneta happy one day and
listening to music. Picture on the wall is from her show
Water Gardens from 2013 , the chandelier is from Lumen Center
Italia and the sofa is from the store Bohem on Agnetas street.

IN STUDIO ROOM MASS everything that inspires: Photographs of memories, sketches and ceramics prototypes. The black and white painting
is from one of Agneta Livijn previous exhibitions that appeared Galleri Futura in the 1980s - a personal favorite.

the style is timeless, yet contemporary. Here you'll find antiques, as the century
ENTRANCE OF AGNETA Livijn is a sight to behold. The high pillars added time in the 1930s , creating a majestic first impression.
The chairs in the living room is designed by Philippe Starck.

Double cabinet her father won at at an auction, with contemporary design
as the Italian, brown screened kitchen light from favorite brand Moooi.
The apartment exudes the playfulness and joy that Agneta Livijn herself.
A joy she gets from nature's beauty.
- I'll never forget the first time I saw the view of Monte Carlo.
The smells, the flavors ,the sea ,the music and the environment. The colors I saw there
stuck on my retina, and I've worn them with me all my life, said Agneta Livijn.
Agneta Livijn grew up partly in France. During that time, drove her
father of three hotels in Paris, and had a villa in a small village in the hills above Monte
Carlo. Today she lives and works in Stockholm, but she is constantly on the move.
She is drawn particularly to groups of islands such as Seychelles or the Maldives. There, she brings the inspiration for her artistic creation.
- Nature, exuberance and joy of life which inspires me very much.
Indian Ocean goes straight into my collections!

Everything beautiful photograph shes takes a photo of and bring home to Stockholm
,to the work with in the studio. Where they intermingled with paint tubes, pens, paper, half-finished sketches and ceramic prototypes.
- I love working with photographs all around me! They are memories of physical
format, a "good reminder" of the beautiful moments in life, says Agneta Livijn.
We are currently working Agneta Livijn with an upcoming exhibition that will
appears on her showroom at Sibyllegatan 40 in Stockholm in May. At a guess it will be inspired by the unique flora of Mauritius,
which was Agneta Livijn recent destinations. But it is not only physically
as Agneta Livijn is a vagabond. She also travels mentally. from radio
speakers at home streams constantly Italian music from Italian radio, FM Italia.
- Music is the best decor. One can travel anywhere with iTunes.

IN THE KITCHEN SEPARATE antiques with new design. Kitchen chairs and
table is from ROOM and Habitat, two of the designers
as Agneta worked for, and the Italian, brown shielded
lamp is favorite brand Moooi.

But agneta Livijn also has another side: the security seekers.
She has a sort of love-hate change. For while she loves
travel, discover new places and innovate in their home so she attaches itself easily at
things. She loves the commonplace, the newspaper every morning , she
drinking coffee at his kitchen table, neighbors greet cordially the block.
And then she has her little rituals.
- Do I have a day off I'll go to the fire and listening to music. I do whether it be fall, winter ,spring or summer. It is true quality of life, says Agneta Livijn.
Now the spring around the corner, the season when the stately 230 square feet
large Östermalm floor shows itself from its best side. Now fill Agneta
Livijn each room with rolling plants, and the large octagonal windows
set up wide open so that the winds of spring and the sounds of the city throng moves
from the streets of Stockholm ,through the living room, through the studio, and out
against the leafy courtyard. And there, among the spring winds, Italian
songs, birds chirping and heels hitting the asphalt in the street below,
working Agneta Livijn develop new colorful paintings and nuances to
dinnerware collections.
- I am absolutely passionate in yellow right now! It feels like this year's color says Agneta Livijn.